Here are 8 games that will make you a better designer

Here are 8 games that will make you a better designer

“All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy”, you’ve probably heard this one before and designers for one just can’t afford to be dull. They deserve a break from their daily tasks every now & then. But is there a way to make these breaks productive? Well how about a few fun games that will help you improve your design instinct and sharpen your design skills. How can games improve, my design, you say? Well, read on folks, for this is GOOD

1 . Shoot the Serif : The title says it all, you get a set of letters in Serif and Sans Serif fonts and all you gotta do is shoot down all the Serif ones. The difficulty increases with each level and you’re only allowed a few errors. Did we mention there’s a countdown timer as well

2. The Rather Difficult Font Game : This one’s tough, you can test your knowledge on fonts with this game. Even though you have multiple choices to answer from, you’ll be surprised on the number of fonts you won’t be able to recognize.

3. Brandseen : Here’s where you can put your knowledge of some world famous brands to use. You’ll be shown logos of different brands and all you need to do is match the right color with the logo design. We scored a sweet 90+, can you beat our score?

4. Color : When it comes to testing your knowledge for color, this website will beat them all. This test challenges your eye to find the right shade. You will need to go through different levels and identify complementary colors, saturation, triadic and much more.

5. Odd one out : Here’s another fun color recognition game. You need to pick the odd one out but it gets tougher with each level and yes, you got a minute to win it. It’s a great exercise to train your eyes to understand the delicate differences between hues.

6. Shape Type : All you gotta do is shape the letter to make it look beautiful. Your letter will be compared to the original letter and you’ll be given a score.

7. Kern Type : This is a kerning game where you need to evenly distribute the space between the letters to get readable text. Your changes will be compared to a typographer’s solution and you will be given a score.

8. X-Rite Online Color Challenge : Let’s see how well you know your hues. Arrange the colors to form a seamless gradient from end to end. Don’t cheat your friends and say you got a really high score. This game isn’t new and most people already know that the highest score is actually zero!

We hope you enjoy these games and sharpen your skills while you’re at it. We’re sure there are tons of related games out there that deserve to be on this list. Why don’t you share it in the comments section below, we’ll love to test it out.

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