Learn new Skills with these 12 Websites


Today, the internet is a playground for all ages. Whether you’re a curious kid or a baby boomer trying to keep up with all the new technology, the internet will be the first and final destination for all your queries. The internet opened up a lot of opportunities for everyone to research, learn and try anything you have in mind.


Kahnacademy.org: Video lectures on a vast number of subjects including math, science, arts etc…

Spreeder.com: Free online reading software that helps you to improve your comprehension and reading speed.

Investopedia.com: Great source for anyone who wants to learn and practice investing in share markets.

Memrise.com: For anyone who wants to learn a new language.

Justinguitar.com: Free video tutorials to learn playing the guitar.

Thechesswebsite.com: This website is for anyone who wants to learn or improve his game of chess.

Instructables.com: Great place to learn to cook and build creative items. We love it!

Digital-photography-school.com: An ideal place to learn and improve Photography skills.

Socratic.com: Socratic, at its core, is people helping people. The website is a hub of thousands of questions that students like you have asked about subjects like Biology, Physics and more.

Howtodothings.com: Find many articles ranging from family and relationship, automotive, careers, food and drinks, holidays, home and garden, pets and animals ,health and fitness, hobbies and many more.

Coursera.org:  A wide variety of courses covering Physics, Engineering, Medicine, Finance, Computer Science and more.

Howstuffworks.com: HowStuffWorks gives you an insight into how everyday objects are made and how they work. Pictures, videos, diagrams and even animations are used to explain complex concepts and mechanisms.


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