What is Bounce Rates and how to reduce it

What Is Bounce Rate And how to reduce it - Austex MITS - Qatar

What exactly is Bounce Rates ?

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your website after viewing only one page. Usually this means they saw the page for a few seconds and then hit back, closed the tab, or went to a new URL.

Bounce rate is different from exit rate. Exit rate is the percentage of people who leave from a certain page, no matter how many pages they visited on your site.

Having a high bounce rate means you’re not engaging with people and they’re not interested in what’s happening on your website. Worse, these are people who were interested enough in your site to click the link and have now been turned off by you. We’re going to go over some issues and ways to lower your bounce rate.

Even if you have a great homepage that answers a lot of questions, and lowering bounce rate isn’t a huge concern for you, these tips will still offer some good advice for improving customer experience on your site.

Develop a Better Web Design to Lower Bounce Rate

Sometimes a few design tweaks can make all the difference. Here are some quick tips to help lower your bounce rate:

Have clear navigation —  if a user can’t find what they’re looking for, he or she will leave.
Have a clear purpose or call to action on the landing page — one of the biggest causes of a high bounce rate is visitor confusion.
Be wary of third-party content and widgets — they weigh down the site and increase load time.
Make sure your content is easy to read — be wary of font size and contrast, especially because a lot of browsing occurs on the small screens of mobile devices.
Invest in a responsive design, which will adapt to any screen size and optimize the user experience for everyone.

How have you effectively lowered your site’s bounce rate? Tell us in the comments below…

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